Powered by next generation technologies and innovation, ALTAIR+ is the smartest most innovative intelligence-led transportation and fleet management solution for businesses and governments worldwide.

 Our corporate mission statement is to enable organizations around the world to digitally transform with intelligent high impact solutions. This means that we enable organizations to achieve more by empowering them with solutions that have embedded intelligence-led decision making capabilities. We combine next generation technologies with an intelligent stack of software modules that go deep into the vertical core business of organizations enabling them to digitally transform and significantly improve operational processes and decision making. ALTAIR+ offers just that. It is not a conventional application, but a platform that commodities intelligence for all organizations whether in the private or public sector. ALTAIR+ is the first globally accessible transportation platform that offers out of the box intelligence of high impact.

ALTAIR+ is globally accessible over the Intelligent Cloud but it is also offered as a hybrid model that can be deployed on-premise on our customer's data centers. It is a Big Data solution by design with embedded AI capabilities, specifically combining machine learning with predictive business intelligence and advanced simulation tools.


This means that for each vertical we offer a simple cost-effective solution that offers significant value to a set of industries. Every organization that runs or operates a fleet of ground vehicles can significantly benefit by subscribing to our platform.



Supported Vertical Editions of ALTAIR+

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